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Introducing - Vol. 2 – June 2020 – TBD

If you know me or have been following along with my art you would remember my last line was called “Down the Rabbit Hole” August 2018-February 2020. My new line called “Vol. 2” means as it’s read. I don’t believe in new chapters anymore when you really want to follow the steps you were meant to. Sometimes you just have to open a whole new sketch book to find where to draw the lines. In 2020, from March to June I went through what most artists suffer from and that is “painter’s block”. This is due to many factors circulating around my personal life and the current events of the year 2020 itself. During my painter’s block stage, I was unable to focus on really anything other than survival on my own and the need to help others way of thinking during these times by creating a movement called Project Interconnect in efforts to help form unity in the City of Memphis. I’m not the only vocal one out there as there are many individuals working together to make a difference. I joined a collaborative of other artists that I call family and we call ourselves “Indie Artists’ Market and Collaborative”. We’re a team of creative minds working together for the community in return is therapy to us when we collaborate and create. Join me in the Vol. 2 Adventure in art and “day in the life of”. My life is an open book to help others, follow me on Instagram @norachilders_art to see what me and my friends are up to, what I eat for lunch, projects I’m working on, completed pieces, pop up sales on my work, what my pets think about me and more.

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